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    Default Mustang GT350R Shelby more faster

    In the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, Ford released the sixth generation of the Mustang GT350 Shelby. Unexpectedly, less than two months time, the 2015 North American Auto Show, Ford has released a stronger performance Mustang GT350R Shelby.

    Ford Mustang friends should understand clearly that the first generation Mustang GT350 Shelby (hereinafter referred to as: Mustang GT350) was born in 1964, by Ford and Carroll Shelby (Carroll Shelby) together to create, which has more than ordinary Mustang lighter body, more power, there is a higher movement characteristics of the suspension system, and all this is to make the Mustang GT350 was to become a pure road car. In fact, the earlier release of the sixth generation of the Mustang GT350 is the continuation of this concept and to create, as the protagonist of this Mustang GT350R Shelby (hereinafter referred to as: Mustang GT350R), which is an upgraded version of the Mustang GT350. It is a definition of the manufacturers can always next road car race track.

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