Audi just a rumor a while ago not to attend F1 Formula One racing, and now its "owner" of the Volkswagen Group intends to participate in F1 again came the news of a Formula One race. According to foreign media reports, the former Ferrari F1 team boss Domenicali led the team, is helping Volkswagen Group Research F1 Formula One race into the feasibility of doing the move or because Mercedes - Benz in this F1 season the great harvest.

Foreign media analysis but also said that in view of the tension between F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone and the Chairman of the Board of the German Volkswagen Group between Ferdinand Piech, unless there is a retired between the two of them, otherwise the public Group never expect to enter F1 Formula One race Volvo S40 Turbocharger. In addition, Volkswagen management board chairman Martin Winterkorn (or Piech successor) has said: He has always believed that F1 is the perfect platform for the Group's brand image display. If the Volkswagen Group does enter the F1 Formula One race, they may set up their own new team and develop a new car.

Indeed, F1 Formula One temptation for any one car prices are great. Some analysts said that in the 2014 season, Mercedes - Benz total receipts since F1 Formula brought about $ 2.8 billion global advertising. In contrast, the Volkswagen Group's Audi and Porsche participation by the World Endurance Championship (WEC), the Audi in the German Touring Car Masters (DTM), and Volkswagen 240SX coilovers in the World Rally Championship (WRC) of the total advertising revenue was $ 30 million. Faced with such a huge temptation earnings, presumably to participate in the Volkswagen Group F1 Formula One race should be a matter of time now....

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