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Thread: Wiring delima

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    Default Wiring delima

    Ok so I have a weird question. I think I know the answer as yes but I wanted to ask people who may have done this before. I have a 69 mustang I am getting ready to buy a 97 mustang. I want to basically put the engine and tranny plus wiring into the 69 including pcm of course. So will I be able to use the original 69 switches for things like turn signals, lights, radio, blah blah with the 97 wiring harness. so basically instead of using the multifunction switch in the 97 use the turn signal from the 69, plus lights, floor mounted brights. This way I can also use the 69 steering column. Anyways I think you get what I am trying to do. Oh yeah forgot about wipers I would like to use the new motor, but would the old switch work? Anyways thanks for the replies I hopefully get lol.

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    I'm not 100% sure on 96 up Fords, but all the EFI swaps into older vehicles that I've done, the signals, radio, etc. stayed with the older set up. As long as you have everything hooked up that makes the engine run, you should be OK. If it were me, and I couldn't find a definite answer. I would hook it all up, leaving the old stuff you want to leave hooked up. If everything seems to work how you want it, then get rid of your extra wires from the new harness. That, or you can buy an aftermarket harness that already has what you don't need deleted. I'm not sure if Painless has one or not. Seems like Ron Francis makes one.

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