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Thread: electrical

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    Default electrical

    im having to jump start the fox most of the time, have been having this problem for a few days now....some times when i jump in and turn the key it will fire right up but most of the time it does not......shoot me some ideas brothers & sisters.......RIDDICK

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    Does it crank? Can you hear fuel pump? Battery dead? More data!

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    At first I thought it was the starter, but that doesn't make sense if you can jump it. My second guess is that maybe you have a problem with the alternator or there is something remaining on in the vehicle after you shut if off that's not supposed to remain on. Basically, what I'm wondering is if you got out and drive it if sometimes the alternator is not charging or that if you shut the car off perhaps something in the electrical system is remaining on - those can be a bugger to find.

    If it jumps right up, my first guess would be an alternator issue. If it was an ignition issue, I would think you would have the same problems whether you had a battery jump start attached or not.

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