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    Default 98 Cobra Vert ..851 rwhp 670 rwtq

    Thinking about selling the Cobra..Now that I have done all that is needed to have a low 9 sec.pump gas street driven car. I will post a resume of the car later...right now the list is way too long pull off the top of my head..Just a brief...Motor built to handel 1500 Hp.. SCT Big Air MAF...SCT x CA2 Vortec "M" Race T-Trim ,capable of 26 lbs. boost, MSD Dis4 ,Anderson Pwr. Pipe.Mac long tube headers,MMr Catch can. All new forged internals with stage 2 blower cams ported heads(322 intake..244 exhaust) Manley Billet I Beams,Manley Pistons,New special ground crank 20% stronger and 18% lighter than stock,all studs and bolts ARP,New built Oil pump hardened gears,10 qt. Canton oil pan with windage tray,Tremec t-56 Cobra R tranny with 26 spline input shaft with MGW shifter,Spec twin Disc clutch ..rated at 1400Hp,Quick time steel bell housing,Gregs alumiinum drive shaft,31 spline Mosher axels with c-clipeliminators 4.10 Eaton posi with metal clutch pacs,all suspension incul tublar K member and A frames,etc,1/2 studs for rear wheels battery cut off switch behind lic. plate drive shaft loop,Snow stage2 meth injection with dual nozzles Meth box hold 2 gal. 75% meth and 25% distilled water .Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump with 10 and 100 micron filters, 1/2 "steel braaided fuel line and 1/2" fuel rails..early 99 Teksid block with 2001 intake and heads

    New Lt wt. Procar racing seats with 5 way harnesses, (both driver and passanger)6 pt roll bar new carpetiing all gages necessary
    Much more but I will lhave to get out the paper work to catch up ...Car is in excellent shape...always garaged and only seen rain a couple times

    Dynoed a year ago on a Mustang Dyno 851 rwhp 670rwtq only 500 miles on motor with break in with 3200 miles on motor, Synthetic oil and 2nd Meth injector.(we maxed out the single injector)..expect about 880 to 890 rwhp and 700rwtq

    Have yet to try the ET streets 28"x11.5x16..roasted the tires on the MT drag radials

    Street driven on pump gas

    First dyno over a year ago
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