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    Default boost for the honda kids

    hey everybody i 1st want to tell everyone for all the good comments if i didnt rank yall correct i apologize im not good navigatin thru here. some of yall make me jelous no b.s. and sorry for getn bak at yal so late iv ben in serous trouble again.

    anyways im confused about superchargers vs turbo.
    wats the diff between my paxton novi 2000 vs kb vs turbo??

    its goin on my 306 that is my daily driver that made 313rwhp. i know its pathetic. the fastest il be goin is 130mph on pump gas, and was wonderin wat the best wood be for daily driver on pump gas till 130mph.


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    Go check this out .. click on either the PDF or HTML files in the table of contents and you can read the whole book

    Hope this answers some of your questions

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