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  1. Hi Thanks for the help need alittle more please. I seen all your web sites thats great info. You used the stock hood from your original pictures, they sell two scoops which did you buy and was the install easy. Also the V6 HO on scoop was that from the same site. The paint was that flat or a low luster paint. Thanks for all your help and I may have more questions. Your car is very nice Great job. Thanks again for any help. ponyboy94
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Carrollton GA United States
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GS Rank 806398063980639806398063980639806398063980639806398063980639806398063980639806398063980639
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Mineral Gray
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Loss against bluegtangelLoss against n4arideLoss against Loss against v6prochargedWin against LAVSTANGWin against shortstang01Win against mrktre02Win against STEEDALEENWin against scrshawLoss against darkstang5887Win against sleeper02Win against 1FastPony04Win against 2k1gtWin against SexySilverWin against casperWin against JRickyWin against dark02ponyWin against jasond02Win against bluegtangelWin against svt_god
Win against cw02stangWin against StangMan92Win against MTXproWin against Johnnymustang02Win against PowerCrazed88Win against captindorkoWin against steviedee02gtWin against GTMugsy02Win against ds33gtWin against 01BluestangWin against viciousxstangWin against crazhorseWin against machfelonWin against tweetyWin against Cobra94Win against MUSTANG GUYWin against red02gtWin against blkmjikWin against jamez1502Win against fordstang02
Win against Mach1MikeWin against kmustang85Win against Ford Guy 87Win against gtstangauWin against 00_GT_PONYWin against kase22Win against Rockinit4uWin against Sexi_Lil_Stang04Win against Juiced2002GTWin against Barrys V6Win against RioRed4vWin against intermisionWin against MartimusWin against 01BlackGTWin against BlinkstangWin against BlackMarkWin against Hot05mustangbabeWin against stangman190Win against Vash the StampedeWin against Goldfinger24K
Win against bs_2tonegtWin against dantejohnWin against greenbullittWin against dropitWin against V6SSTANG
Hunt Claims:
Your stang in the rainYour car covered with snowKissing your shifter knob!You kissing your stang. (lips must be touching paint)A theatric love scene (not graphic, but sweet) in front of your stangYou, your signifigant other, and your stang togetherYour car parked outside with a fuzzy slipper on the antennaYour stang with a doll(stuffed animal) in all 4 seatsYour stang with a box of cereal on itYour stang with a laptop computerYour stang with a hairdryerYour stang in front of your mail box, like you pulled next to it to get mailYour stang with your windshield wipers upYour stang with trunk, hood, and both doors open.Your stang with your other carYour stang in the lawn in front of your house (must see the house and all 4 wheels must be touching grass)Your stang infront of an American FlagYour Stang with a Chevy CamaroYour stang in a car showYour Stang with Trophy from Car Show
Your reflection in the paint of your stang!Your stang covered with frostYour stang with a soccer ball on the hoodA stang related key chainYOU with YOUR STANGYour stang in front of Home DepotYour stang at BlockbusterYour stang infront of Radio ShackYour stang in front of Target (The store)Your car near WAL-MARTYOUR STANG with A FEDEX TRUCKYour stang with a different generation stang (check the car show classes for generation years)Your car parked in a cemetaryYour stang in front of a churchYour stang at IHOP.Your stang at Ruby TuesdaysYour stang at a construction site. (Must see building/road in progress and machinery)Your car on a bridgeYour Stang at Car Quest auto parts storeYour stang at a Sears
Your stang infront of StaplesYour stang infront of Dairy QueenYour Mustang at a Gym (Golds Gym, Womens Fitness Center etc.)YOUR STANG with CHICK-FIL-AYour car infront of McDonaldsYour Stang in front of a State Trooper HQYour Stang at a Produce/Fruit StandIn a parking garageYour Stang at a high schoolYour stang at a hospitalYour stang in front of your CollegeYour stang in front of Applebee'sYour car infront of Wendy'sYour Stang With a DEAD END Street SignYour stang by an army tankYour stang with a short bus (the small schoolbus)Your stang with the pizza delivery guy (Must have the guy holding the pizza!)Your stang with a pizza on it (must be editble, no slices, FULL PIZZA)Stang with a High School Grad in gownBird shit on your stang
A girl on / infront of / in your carYour Stang with trees changing color (leaves in the fall)Your stang infront of a Port-A-PottyYour Stang Featured on another Website.  For Example: Featured Car of the Month.Your stang with real banana's in the tail pipesYour Pet with your StangSOMEBODY WITH A STANG RELATED SHIRT with YOUR CARAn alarm clock on your stangYour stang with a pack of cigarettes and a lighter on the hoodyour stang with a gallon of windsheild washer fluidYour Stang with someone on the hoodYour stang with an air compressorYou sitting in your stang with a copy of your GS hunt list (must be able to see the list)You standing in front of your stang with a gun/rifle (toys allowed)Your stang with a Christmas present in the driver seatYour stang with a FootballYour Stang With A Tool Box Your Car With A ChainsawYour stang with a musical instrument (Guitar/Keyboard/Trumpet etc.)A picture of someone in the trunk of your stang.
Your stang with a potato (must be edible)2 GotStang Members Car's togetherYour stang with a Full Moon (the ones in the sky)Your stang at a fireworks stand
Best V6 - 1207 Best Daily Driver - 0208 Best got stang? Website - 0708 Best V6 - 0908 Best V6 - 1108 Best Daily Driver - 1208
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