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Date of Birth
December 11, 1982 (37)
About Droptop2001GT
Rural Hall NC USA
Gotstang Website:
Car Rank:
GS Rank 322603226032260322603226032260322603226032260
Car Color:
Zinc Yellow
Car Year:
453.44 rwhp
Win against CODY2003Win against 04redmach1Win against stalkerWin against Rwest75Win against Win against blown93featureWin against 73eleanorWin against Topless03GTWin against yellowdroptop01Win against blacksunshineWin against Stangit_to_hellLoss against JWin against nufc1Win against AAMACH1Loss against Blow-By RacingLoss against Just2SicWin against gdyupv8Win against 2004OrangeSVTLoss against FNSweetS3
Hunt Claims:
Your stang with your other carYour car doing a burn outA picture of your stangs headersA girl on / infront of / in your carYour stang in a parade2 GotStang Members Car's togetherYour mustang on the freewayYour car in front of Taco BellYour Stang Disasembled.  In as many pieces as possible....Your stang in a traffic jamYour stang in front of K-Mart10 Mustangs in one placeYour stang in a mirrorYour stang from above (from a ladder or second floor or higher)The undercarriage of your stangYour stang in a car showYour stang with convertible top downYour stang with another stang with a different state license plateYour stang in the lawn in front of your house (must see the house and all 4 wheels must be touching grass)Your stang with a Hooters girl ( or a girl in a hooters shirt )
Your car infront of HootersYour stang with a different generation stang (check the car show classes for generation years)Your stang in front of a palm treeYour stang in the rainA traffic accidentA pic of your speedometer reading 100+MPH (dragway)A Room Decorated With Mustang StuffYour Stang's Original Window StickerYour car in front of a professional Sports Complex(EX.  Gillette Stadium-Home of the World Champion Patriots)YOU with YOUR STANGYour stang with a box of cereal on itYour stang with an RC caryour stang with a lava lamp Your Stang with Trophy from Car ShowYour Stang with 12 issues of a Mustang magazine (i.e. MM&FF, 5.0 ect.)Your stang with your windshield wipers upA scratch, scrape, or stone chip in your stang's paintYour stang with a bag of potato chips on itYour stang infront of a custume shop (store to buy wigs/custumes/makeup etc).Your stang at a liquor store
Your stang in front of Home DepotYour Mustang at a Gym (Golds Gym, Womens Fitness Center etc.)Your car at Baskin Robins 31 FlavorsYour stang at BlockbusterYOUR STANG with CHICK-FIL-AYour stang infront of Radio ShackYour stang in front of Target (The store)Your stang at KFCYour car at Auto ZoneYour car near WAL-MARTYour car infront of McDonaldsYour stang in front of LowesYour car in front of Burger KingYOUR STANG with HIDEOUS RICE...YOUR STANG with A BEER TRUCKYOUR STANG with A UPS TRUCKPicture of your car in front of a FORD dealershipYOUR STANG with A FOUNTAINYour Stang at the YMCAYour stang at a movie theater (have movie listings in picture)
Your stang on a golf course (Hole flag in sight)Your stang in front of the public libraryYour stang near a water towerYour stang at the Post OfficeYour stang in front of a churchYour stang in front of a playground (swings/slides/monkeybars..etc)Your stang at a funeral homeYOUR STANG with A TENNIS COURTYour stang at IHOP.Your stang infront of Subway (The restaurant)Your car infront of Wendy'sYour stang at a construction site. (Must see building/road in progress and machinery)Your stang infront of an American FlagYour stang's front bumper covered with bug gutsYour stang with a potato (must be edible)Your stang at a gas station filling up with gas (must have gas hose in your gas tank)YOUR STANG with A VENDING MACHINE (COKE/PEPSI/SNACK)Your Stang in front of Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and GrillYour stang in front of Best BuyYour car on the Chevy dealers lot.
Your stang in front of a race shop (performance parts shop)Bird shit on your stangYour stang at Toys R UsYour car beside a motor homeYour stang with 2 wheels in the driveway and 2 wheels in the street. (halfway up the curb)Your Stang Featured on another Website.  For Example: Featured Car of the Month.Your car on a dynoYour stang with all the seats taken outYour car up on a lift (at a service shop or something)Your stang with a dozen eggs (12 of them)You stang with a Turkey (real or frozen)Your car covered with snowYour stang with something actually signed by Steve SaleenYour stang with N used spark plugs, where N = the number of cylinders in your stang (Must see wear marks)Your stang on jack stands (No wheels on it)Your stang with a car club decal (cannot be gotstang decals)Your stang with a hairdryerYour Stang With A Tool Box A stang related key chainYour Car With A Chainsaw
Your Stang with a Bar-B-Q Grill (gas or charcoal)Your stang with a cartoon characterYour Stang With 5 Quarts Of Oil On The Hood Your stang with more than one style rim on it at one timeYour car on a 1/4 mile track...A pic of your stang in the reflection of another stangs paint/window tint.Your stang with 2 other stangs creating a triangleYour stang with a stang that doesnt have a spoilerYour stang under a gas station sign (that shows the prices of the gas)Your stang with a dump truck.YOUR STANG with A TRAINYOUR STANG with A USPS MAIL TRUCKYour stang in a car wash (hand wash or drive-thru)Your Stang with a Car Hauler (like ones that deliver cars to dealers)Your stang with a fork liftYOUR STANG with A LIMOYour stang in front of a vetrinary hopsital ( not pet store)Your stang in front of HardeesYOUR STANG with A FEDEX TRUCKYour Stang with an ATV
Your Stang with a portable toilet pumper truckYour car on a bridgeYour stang in front of your mail box, like you pulled next to it to get mailYOUR STANG with A LAWNMOWER (EITHER A RIDING MOWER OR A PUSH-MOWER)Your stang with a hotdog. (must be edible)Your car with a FORD farm tractor
Best Yellow Colored - 0405 Best Vert - 0505 Best Yellow Colored - 0605 Best Vert - 1006 Best Yellow Colored - 1006 Best Vert - 1106 Best GT - 1106 Best Yellow Colored - 1106 Best Vert - 1206 Best GT - 1206 Best Engine - 1206 Best Vert - 0107 Best Yellow Colored - 0107 Best Vert - 0307 Best Vert - 0407 Best Vert - 0507 Best Yellow Colored - 0507 Best GT - 0707 Best Yellow Colored - 1207 Best Yellow Colored - 0208 Best Vert - 0408 Best Vert - 0708 Best Yellow Colored - 0808 Best Yellow Colored - 0908
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-Ryan D.

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