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February 19, 1975 (47)
About 06Roush_St_3
Las Vegas NV USA
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Screaming Yellow
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Win against purehellstangLoss against steelfalcon29Win against musatangannieWin against Derk 2k3 M1Win against xtremeWin against RB88Win against Win against dropitWin against stalkerWin against MdniteMustang00Win against bethsrustangWin against 03 Sonic Blue GTWin against wldponi03Win against BaD$NaKe99Loss against 04SaleenWin against steviedee02gtWin against ToplessShakerWin against Nuclear BananaWin against SALEEN2NVWin against 1bad97
Win against DuckyGTWin against YaLeenVertWin against Win against dollabilltxWin against SatinLow06Win against labels2Win against sunrayflrWin against Bill SimonsWin against Intense007styleLoss against BenefoldWin against zealotWin against sweetstangWin against 03cobrablackWin against cobranos150Loss against ylwfevrWin against greenbullittWin against 99BlackCobraWin against deathbloomsWin against Stang 38LWin against ITLRUN
Win against rocks06roushWin against ZimStangWin against JHIMELLEWin against GreyGTWin against Rwest75Win against THE BULLITTWin against tbirdWin against ARMAGEDONWin against Laguna Seca RWin against 02BlueStangWin against ConnollysworldWin against 04pumkinstangWin against InfernoWin against 03SCSnakeWin against StangDriver5650Win against DSTRBD99Win against JonathanWin against Stangit_to_hellWin against Cobra94Win against Blue70
Win against dapack69Win against spaidedWin against mysteedWin against DrkHseMach1Win against 00silvergtWin against KEVS3STANGSWin against 96STEEDAWin against LadyCobra01Win against 97 cobraWin against STACYSTANGZWin against _eazy_Win against 04redmach1Win against BonesGTWin against HmongstangWin against SAVGE 89Win against pantydropperWin against orangeMACH1_23Win against gtstangauWin against MassCobraWin against live4offrd
Win against NovidlxWin against Win against captindorkoWin against PurpledoggyWin against 4ValveSVTGirlWin against AJ SnkNVWin against shestangsWin against CODY2003Win against My CobraWin against ponygirl05Win against scolly68Win against Win against Paratrooper82dWin against bigcountryWin against 94TURBO50Win against blacksunshineWin against 05stangWin against mug11Win against GTBullitt01331Win against 02BlackGT
Win against 2vnow4v01GTWin against BlownVenomWin against 1BadRoushChickWin against synister281Loss against JimWin against mellowyellow04Win against Mustang Maniac JWWin against 95mustang302Win against 1badbitchWin against cptnron2002Win against the beast 88Win against Stang Gurl
Hunt Claims:
Your stang with convertible top downThe undercarriage of your stangYour stang with trunk, hood, and both doors open.Your reflection in the paint of your stang!Your Stang's Original Window StickerYOU with YOUR STANGKissing your shifter knob!You kissing your stang. (lips must be touching paint)A girl on / infront of / in your carYour stang in front of a palm treeYour Stang In Front of a Stone Pile Taller than your CarYour stang with mountains in the backgroundYour stang at BlockbusterA picture of someone in the trunk of your stang.Your stang under a gas station sign (that shows the prices of the gas)Your stang at StarbucksYour stang in front of LowesYour stang in front of K-MartYour car parked in a handicap spotYour stang with a bag of potato chips on it
Your stang with a hotdog. (must be edible)Your stang with 2 wheels in the driveway and 2 wheels in the street. (halfway up the curb)YOUR STANG with A FORD GTYOUR CAR with A FERRARI OR LAMBOIn a parking garageYour car in front of Burger KingYour Stang near a Payphone.Your stang at a gas station filling up with gas (must have gas hose in your gas tank)Your stang with a box of cereal on itYour car in front of Taco BellYour car infront of McDonaldsYour stang in front of Best BuyYour stang at Pep Boysyour stang at an ATMYour stang in front of a churchYour stang in front of a No Parking SignYour stang in front of Dennys (The Resturant)Your car infront of Wendy'sYour stang with another stang with a different state license plateYour stang with a different generation stang (check the car show classes for generation years)
Your stangs trunk full of grocieries (at least 3 bags)Picture of yourself humping your car's exhaust tipYour stang with a dozen eggs (12 of them)2 GotStang Members Car's togetherYour stang infront of a Port-A-PottyPICTURE OF YOUR STANG with A REAL PONY(HORSE)Your Mustang at a Gym (Golds Gym, Womens Fitness Center etc.)Your stang at a construction site. (Must see building/road in progress and machinery)Your stang beside a 55 MPH speed limit sign.10 Mustangs in one placeYour Stang with Trophy from Car ShowYour Stang Featured on another Website.  For Example: Featured Car of the Month.Your stang with your windshield wipers upYour stang with a doll(stuffed animal) in all 4 seatsYOUR STANG with A UPS TRUCKYour stang at the end of your driveway with a for sale sign.Your Stang with 12 issues of a Mustang magazine (i.e. MM&FF, 5.0 ect.)YOUR STANG with A FEDEX TRUCKYou stang with a Turkey (real or frozen)Your stang with a GS Calendar
Your car on a dynoYour stang infront of Radio ShackYOUR STANG with HIDEOUS RICE...Your stang with a car club decal (cannot be gotstang decals)Your Stang With A Tool Box Your stang with an RC carYour stang with a hairdryerYour stang's front bumper covered with bug gutsYour stang with Christmas lightsYour stang with something actually signed by Jack RoushYour stang with a cartoon characterA pic of your stang in the reflection of another stangs paint/window tint.Your stang with golf clubs (more then 5)Your stang with a FootballYour stang with a surfboardYOUR STANG with A USPS MAIL TRUCKThe mail man/women posing with your stangYou under your stang (literally laying on the ground under the car)Your stang in your garageYour stang at Babies R Us
Your stang with an expecting mothers parking signYour Stang at Old Navy (the store)Your stang in front of Applebee'sYour Stang at Bed, Bath, and BeyondYour stang infront of Subway (The restaurant)Your Stang at Walgreens.Your stang at a SearsYour stang at a liquor storeYour stang in front of Home DepotYour stang in front of Target (The store)Your stang in front of a SonicYour car near WAL-MARTYour Stang with a Geek Squad CarYOUR STANG with A FOUNTAINYou Stang At a Quizinos Sub ShopYour Stang at a Panda ExpressYour stang at IHOP.YOUR STANG with AN AMBULANCEYour Stang in front of a 'self storage' facilityYour stang with a traffic cone
Your stang at a hospitalYour stang in a car showYour Stang With 5 Quarts Of Oil On The Hood Your stang in front of your mail box, like you pulled next to it to get mailYour stang with your other car10 cleaning supplies lined up next to your stang (wax/ tireshine/ soap/ bucket/etc..)Your Pet with your StangYour Stang with a CasinoYour stang in a mirrorYour car beside a motor homeYour stang with an actual full size Nascar/Busch carYour Stang with a Garbage DumpsterYour stang with a fork liftYour stang on jack stands (No wheels on it)Your stang from above (from a ladder or second floor or higher)Your stang with dog shitYou, your signifigant other, and your stang togetherYour mustang on the freewayYour Stang next to a Fire HydrantYour Stang with a baby diaper(clean and unused please)
Your stang running over a ricer magazineYour car parked outside with a fuzzy slipper on the antennaYour stang with a vehicle who has one of those magnetic ribbons on it  (ex. suppport the troops)Your stang with 20 business cards spread out on the hood (all different sorts)Your stang parked in front of one of those places that sells live christmas treesYour stang with another vehicle with a flat tireYour stang at a gun shopYour stang in front of a pawn shopYour Stang at Car Quest auto parts storeYour stang at a flower shopYour Stang in front of 7-11Your stang infront of Dairy QueenYour stang at KFCYour car at Auto ZoneYour stang with a stang that doesnt have a spoilerYour stang with someone with an orange cone on their headYour stang with a Scion tcYour stang beside an armored money truckYour Stang in front of Outback Steakhouse.Your Stang in front of Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill
Your Stang at an Import Dealer  (Mazda, toyota, isuzu, etc.)Your stang with the shopping cart guy (The guy that collects the carts in the parking lot. (Must have a cart with him) (Must know he is being photographed)Your stang with 2 wheels on one side of a speedbump and 2 wheels on the other side.Your car surrounded by shopping carts (at least 5 carts)Your Stang near GrafittiYour stang with a no tresspassing signYOUR STANG PARKED with A HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLE.Your stang with a laptop computerA birthday cake on your stang (must say happy b-day)Your Stang on The Cover of a Major Car Magazine.   For Example Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, 5.0 Mustang & Fast Fords, Modified MustangsYour car in a Published MagazineYour stang with an air compressoryour stang with a gallon of windsheild washer fluid
Best Engine - 0706 Best Engine - 0906 Best got stang? Website - 1106 Best got stang? Website - 1206 Best got stang? Website - 0107 Best got stang? Website - 0207 Best Daily Driver - 0207 Best got stang? Website - 0307 Best Engine - 0307 Best got stang? Website - 0407 Best got stang? Website - 0607 Best got stang? Website - 0707 Best got stang? Website - 0807 Best Daily Driver - 1207 Best Roush - 1207 Best Roush - 0108 Best Roush - 0208 Best got stang? Website - 0508 Best got stang? Website - 0608 Best Roush - 0608 Best Roush - 0708 Best Roush - 0808 Best Roush - 1108 Best got stang? Website - 1208 Best Daily Driver - 1208
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