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January 1, 1981 (38)
About drkhsemach1
Torrance CA USA
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GS Rank 377643776437764377643776437764377643776437764377643776437764377643776437764
Car Color:
Car Year:
Win against jason2004gtLoss against wldponi03Win against Black StallionWin against ace of spadesLoss against GirlzGTLoss against Vindictive04Mach1Win against viciousxstangWin against Loss against Cobra KimWin against SDRMustang1Win against buffmustangWin against LatinimagexxWin against Win against blackdstang96Loss against 01BlackGTWin against 02BlueStangWin against red20mustang00gtWin against 02BlackGTWin against sbrooksWin against Davis83
Win against Win against scolly68Win against mark1watWin against JHIMELLEWin against 00silvergtWin against mellowyellow04Win against mysteedLoss against steelfalcon29Win against Win against FrostyWin against 05ClassicWin against 5.0literriceeaterWin against 96b.boyLoss against BenefoldWin against dlazraelWin against steviedee02gtLoss against Win against gunner_501Loss against
Hunt Claims:
Your stang in the lawn in front of your house (must see the house and all 4 wheels must be touching grass)YOUR STANG WITH A FIRE ENGINE with ITYour stang's front bumper covered with bug gutsKissing your shifter knob!You kissing your stang. (lips must be touching paint)Your Pet with your StangYour stang with the sunsetYour stang with trunk, hood, and both doors open.Your stang with your other carYour stang with a box of cereal on itYOUR STANG with HIDEOUS RICE...YOU with YOUR STANGYour reflection in the paint of your stang!Your car parked in a handicap spotYour car in front of Burger KingYour stang in front of a palm treeYour stang near a lighthouseYour stang in front of a churchYour stang with 2 wheels in the driveway and 2 wheels in the street. (halfway up the curb)Your stang infront of an American Flag
Your Stang's Original Window StickerYour stang with wax on it (applied)Your stang at ACE/ACO HardwareYOUR STANG with A USPS MAIL TRUCKYour stang with real banana's in the tail pipesYour stang from above (from a ladder or second floor or higher)Your stang at a gas station filling up with gas (must have gas hose in your gas tank)Your stang in the rainYour stang in front of Home DepotYour stang at Toys R UsYour stang in front of Target (The store)Bird shit on your stangYour car beside a motor homeYour stang beside an airplanePicture of your car in front of a FORD dealershipIn a parking garageYour stang in front of a bowling alleyYour stang at a hospitalYour Stang at a high schoolYOUR STANG with A TENNIS COURT
Your stang with an air traffic control tower in the back groundYour car in storage (for the winter people)Your stang with a potato (must be edible)A picture of someone in the trunk of your stang.Your stang with a bag of potato chips on itYour stang with a musical instrument (Guitar/Keyboard/Trumpet etc.)Your stang in front of Best BuyYour stang at a police stationyour stang at an ATMYour stang with gotstang stickersYour stang in front of a playground (swings/slides/monkeybars..etc)Your stang in a car wash (hand wash or drive-thru)Your stang infront of Dairy QueenYour Mustang at a Gym (Golds Gym, Womens Fitness Center etc.)Your car at Baskin Robins 31 FlavorsYour stang at BlockbusterYour stang infront of Radio ShackYour stang at KFCYour stang in front of K-MartYour stang in front of the public library
Your stang infront of Subway (The restaurant)A traffic accidentYour stang with a Big Mac (from Mcdonalds)Your stang with a Chicken Nuggets (from Mcdonalds)Your stang with a different generation stang (check the car show classes for generation years)Your stang with the shopping cart guy (The guy that collects the carts in the parking lot. (Must have a cart with him) (Must know he is being photographed)Your car surrounded by shopping carts (at least 5 carts)Your stang under a gas station sign (that shows the prices of the gas)Your stang at StarbucksYour car at Auto ZoneYour stang at Pep BoysYour stang with mountains in the backgroundYour stang at a movie theater (have movie listings in picture)Your stang on a golf course (Hole flag in sight)Your stang at the Post OfficeYour stang at a construction site. (Must see building/road in progress and machinery)Your stang near a traffic light that is yellow. (It MUST be a light that changes, not the blinking yellow ones)Your stang in front of your CollegeYour Stang with 12 issues of a Mustang magazine (i.e. MM&FF, 5.0 ect.)The undercarriage of your stang
YOUR STANG with A FEDEX TRUCKYour stang with a hotdog. (must be edible)Your stang in front of the local newspaperYour Stang in front of 7-11Your car infront of McDonaldsYour car parked in a cemetaryYour stang at a funeral homeYour Parents with Your StangYour Stang With Stormy SkyYour car near WAL-MARTYour stang with a National Monument in PictureYour stang infront of a Port-A-PottyYour stang near a water towerYour Stang with a SportbikeYour stang in front of LowesYOUR STANG with A SCHOOL BUSYour stang beside a boatYOUR STANG with A LAWNMOWER (EITHER A RIDING MOWER OR A PUSH-MOWER)YOUR STANG with A SWIMMING POOL - IN GROUND OR ABOVE GROUND. (REAL POOL, NOT A BLOW-UP KIDDY POOL) Your stang in a mirror
Your stang in front of a putt putt (mini-golf) courseYOUR STANG with A VENDING MACHINE (COKE/PEPSI/SNACK)Your stang parked inside a fire station (where the fire engine parks)Your stang infront of railroad tracks with the railroad gates down and blinkingYOUR STANG with ROAD KILL / A DEAD ANIMALYour stang at the zooYour car in front of a professional Sports Complex(EX.  Gillette Stadium-Home of the World Champion Patriots)Picture of you and a police officer by your stangA police officer sitting in your carYour stang with another stang with a different state license plateYour stang in front of a race shop (performance parts shop)YOUR STANG with A BEER TRUCKPicture of yourself humping your car's exhaust tipYour stang in front of an adult toy (sex) shop!Your Stang with a Reindeer.  (Can be Fake Reindeer)You In Your Stang Stopped At A Stop SignYour stang by an army tankYour stang at a fireworks standYour stang with a surfer and his surf boardYour stang at the end of your driveway with a for sale sign.
A scratch, scrape, or stone chip in your stang's paintYour stang with a surfboardYour Stang at Circuit City.Your stang with golf clubs (more then 5)Your stang infront of StaplesYour stang at Babies R UsYour Stang at Old Navy (the store)Your Stang at Bed, Bath, and BeyondYour stang at a SearsYour Stang at a Panda ExpressYour Stang With A Tool Box Your stang with a traffic cone Your Stang in front of a 'self storage' facilityYour stang with a Scion tcYOUR STANG with A FOUNTAINYour stang in front of a vetrinary hopsital ( not pet store)Your stang with your windshield wipers upYour Stang With A Hockey StickYour stang at a liquor storeYour Stang in front of Outback Steakhouse.
Your stang in front of Dennys (The Resturant)Your car infront of Wendy'sYour stang under an overpassYour stang with a hairdryerYour stang running over a ricer magazineYour stang in front of your mail box, like you pulled next to it to get mailYour stang with a dozen eggs (12 of them)Your stangs trunk full of grocieries (at least 3 bags)Your stang toilet papered (must see lots of TP)Your Stang near a Payphone.Your stang in your garageYour Stang at Walgreens.A stang related key chainYour stang at a flower shopYOUR STANG with A UPS TRUCKYour stang at Pizza HutYou Stang At a Quizinos Sub ShopYour stang in front of a No Parking SignYour Stang at a Produce/Fruit StandYour Stang at an Ice Skating Rink...indoors or outside.
Your stang with its 2 rear tires backed ontop of the Air Hose at a gas station (must see air tank)Your car in front of Taco BellYour car in front of a waterfallYour Stang at the YMCAYour stang with a short bus (the small schoolbus)Your stang parked on an Elm street (Must see street sign)You doing a handstand in front of your stang!Your stang at IHOP.A girl on / infront of / in your carYou under your stang (literally laying on the ground under the car)10 cleaning supplies lined up next to your stang (wax/ tireshine/ soap/ bucket/etc..)Your stang with dog shitYour stang with a car club decal (cannot be gotstang decals)Your Stang with a computer in the trunk (no laptops, must see CPU,monitor,mouse,keyboard)YOUR STANG with A FORD LIGHTNING TRUCKYour stang with 2 wheels on one side of a speedbump and 2 wheels on the other side.Your stang with a stang that doesnt have a spoilerYour Stang with a Garbage DumpsterYour Stang at Chilli\'sYour stang with a vehicle who has one of those magnetic ribbons on it  (ex. suppport the troops)
Your Stang with a Dodge Charger
Best Mach 1 - 0106 Best Mach 1 - 0206 Best Mach 1 - 0306 Best Mach 1 - 0406 Best Mach 1 - 0706 Best Mach 1 - 1006 Best Mach 1 - 0607 Best Black Colored - 0907
Team Logo:
GS Mach 1 Registry
Gotstang? of California
Got Stang Black Mustang Club



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