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Las Vegas NV U.S.
Gotstang Website:
Car Rank:
GS Rank 580925580925580925580925580925580925580925580925580925580925580925580925580925580925580925580925580925580925580925
Car Color:
Car Year:
Win against stang_gurl95Loss against verdejorLoss against Win against n2okidLoss against FastfordboyLoss against yellowshaker04Loss against dedgeWin against 00silvergtLoss against mike papasWin against LegendaryWin against s3 roushWin against 00stangWin against Quick77Win against 5.0literriceeaterWin against Win against 95mustang302Win against BirminghamStangWin against SVOChicWin against KCDRMN95Win against gtstangau
Win against GreyGTWin against StangRulesWin against Black StallionWin against Win against purehellstangWin against Sexi_Lil_Stang04Win against steviedee02gtWin against blacksunshineWin against 1bad97Win against audiobahn81Win against OZ98CobraWin against arturo ramosWin against storm7127Win against KEVS3STANGSWin against jeffs01Win against mark1wat
Hunt Claims:
Your stang in a car wash (hand wash or drive-thru)Your stang with 2 wheels in the driveway and 2 wheels in the street. (halfway up the curb)Your stang with convertible top downYour stang with a different generation stang (check the car show classes for generation years)Your stang with your other carYour car parked in a handicap spotYour stang with an RC carYour stang at a gas station filling up with gas (must have gas hose in your gas tank)Your stang at a fireworks standYour stang in front of Home DepotYour stang at StarbucksYour stang in front of Best BuyYour stang in front of LowesYour stang in front of K-MartYour Stang in front of 7-11Your stang in front of Target (The store)Your stang at KFCYour car in front of Taco BellYour car in front of Burger KingYour stang at IHOP.
Your stang infront of Subway (The restaurant)Your stang with all the seats taken outYour car at Auto ZoneYour stang at Pep BoysIn a parking garageYour car infront of Wendy'sYour stang at a liquor storeYour stang at ACE/ACO HardwareYour stang infront of Dairy QueenYour car at Baskin Robins 31 FlavorsYour stang at BlockbusterYour stang infront of Radio Shackyour stang at an ATMYour stang at the Post OfficeYour stang in front of a bowling alleyYOUR STANG with A VENDING MACHINE (COKE/PEPSI/SNACK)Your stang infront of a Port-A-PottyYour Stang with a Reindeer.  (Can be Fake Reindeer)Your stang with a hotdog. (must be edible)Your stang with a box of cereal on it
Your Stang With A Tool Box Your stang with a hairdryerYour Stang with a Bar-B-Q Grill (gas or charcoal)Your stang with leaves on ityour stang with a lava lamp Your stang with a GS CalendarYour stang with a snow manYour stang with a bag of potato chips on itYour stangs trunk full of grocieries (at least 3 bags)Your Stang with a Car Hauler (like ones that deliver cars to dealers)Your stang in front of a vetrinary hopsital ( not pet store)Your stang in front of the public libraryYour stang in front of your CollegeYour Stang in front of Outback Steakhouse.Your car covered with snowYour stang in front of the local newspaperYour car parked in a cemetaryYour stang under a gas station sign (that shows the prices of the gas)Your Mustang at a Gym (Golds Gym, Womens Fitness Center etc.)Your car infront of McDonalds
YOUR STANG with A FOUNTAINYour stang in front of Applebee'sYour Stang in front of Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and GrillYour stang in front of Dennys (The Resturant)Your Stang at a high schoolYour stang near a water towerYour Stang near a Payphone.Your Stang With Stormy SkyYour stang in front of a palm treeYour Stang with A ROAD CLOSED street signYour stang in front of a playground (swings/slides/monkeybars..etc)Your stang with your windshield wipers upYOUR STANG with HIDEOUS RICE...Your stang in front of a race shop (performance parts shop)Your stang with a potato (must be edible)Your stang with a dozen eggs (12 of them)A scratch, scrape, or stone chip in your stang's paintYour stang with Christmas lightsYour Stang With 5 Quarts Of Oil On The Hood Your stang at the end of your driveway with a for sale sign.
Your stang with real banana's in the tail pipesYour stang at a SearsYour Stang at Bed, Bath, and BeyondYour Pet with your StangYour Stang with Santa ClausYour Stang at a Panda ExpressYour stang in front of your mail box, like you pulled next to it to get mailYOUR STANG with A TOUR BUSYour Stang at Circuit City.Your stang at Babies R UsYour Stang at Old Navy (the store)You Stang At a Quizinos Sub ShopYour stang beside a snack truck (Doritos, Frito Lays, Oreo)YOUR STANG with A USPS MAIL TRUCKA traffic accident
Best got stang? Website - 0506 Best Fox Body - 0606 Best Vert - 0706 Best Daily Driver - 0806 Best got stang? Website - 0906 Best Vert - 0906 Best Vert - 1006 Best got stang? Website - 1106 Best Fox Body - 1106 Best Vert - 1106 Best Vert - 1206 Best Vert - 0107 Best got stang? Website - 0207 Best Daily Driver - 0207 Best Vert - 0207 Best got stang? Website - 0307 Best Vert - 0307 Best Daily Driver - 0407 Best Vert - 0407 Best got stang? Website - 0507 Best Fox Body - 0507 Best Vert - 0507 Best got stang? Website - 0607 Best Fox Body - 0607 Best Vert - 0607 Best Vert - 0707 Best Daily Driver - 0807 Best Vert - 0807 Best got stang? Website - 0907 Best Vert - 0907 Best Vert - 1007 Best got stang? Website - 1107 Best Fox Body - 1107 Best Vert - 1107 Best got stang? Website - 1207 Best Vert - 1207 Best got stang? Website - 0108 Best Vert - 0108 Best Vert - 0208 Best got stang? Website - 0308 Best Fox Body - 0408 Best Vert - 0408 Best got stang? Website - 0508 Best Vert - 0508 Best Daily Driver - 0608 Best Vert - 0608 Best Vert - 0708 Best Vert - 0808 Best Daily Driver - 0908 Best Vert - 0908 Best Engine - 1008 Best Vert - 1008 Best Vert - 1108 Best Daily Driver - 1208
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