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July 26
About GirlieStang
Anderson South Carolina USA
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Zinc Yellow
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1/4 Mile Time:
Gonna Soon
Loss against JHIMELLEWin against trey3.8Loss against ponygirl05Loss against live4offrdWin against SublimeMachLoss against Loss against Loss against GirlzGTWin against cdog02mustgtLoss against n4aride
Hunt Claims:
Your stang beside a boatYour stang in a car showYour stang beside an airplaneYour car infront of a 'Welcome to the state of ___' SignYOUR STANG with A UPS TRUCKYOUR STANG with A FEDEX TRUCKYour stang in front of a helicopterYour stang at the Post OfficeYour car in front of Taco BellYour car surrounded by shopping carts (at least 5 carts)Your stang in a mirrorYour stang at KFCYour car parked in a handicap spotYour stang in front of Best BuyYour stang in front of LowesYour stang in front of K-MartYour stang with convertible top downYour stang in front of Target (The store)YOUR STANG with A LIMOYOUR STANG with CHICK-FIL-A
Your car on the Chevy dealers lot.Your car parked in a cemetaryPicture of your car in front of a FORD dealershipYour stang from above (from a ladder or second floor or higher)Your stang by an army tankYour stang with your other carYOUR STANG with A BEER TRUCKYour car at Auto ZoneYOUR STANG with A SCHOOL BUSYour stang at a gas station filling up with gas (must have gas hose in your gas tank)YOUR STANG with A TRAINYour Mustang at a Gym (Golds Gym, Womens Fitness Center etc.)Your stang at Toys R UsYour stang with a box of cereal on itYour stang infront of a Port-A-PottyYour stang in front of a churchYour stang infront of Subway (The restaurant)In a parking garageYour car in front of Burger KingThe undercarriage of your stang
Your car up on a lift (at a service shop or something)Your stang at a movie theater (have movie listings in picture)Your stang near a water towerYour car infront of Wendy'sYour stang in front of Home DepotYour car at Baskin Robins 31 FlavorsYour stang at BlockbusterYour car infront of HootersYour stang at Pep BoysYour stang with another stang with a different state license plateYour stang under a gas station sign (that shows the prices of the gas)Your stang under an overpassYour stang in front of the local newspaperYour stang infront of Dairy QueenYour stang at ACE/ACO HardwareYOUR STANG with A USPS MAIL TRUCKYour stang being worked on by your significant (wife/girlfriend|hubby/boyfriend) other: ie; oil change, tire change,etc...Your stangs trip odometer displaying your gotstang member number (GSM#)YOUR STANG with ROAD KILL / A DEAD ANIMALYour stang in front of Hardees
Your Pet with your StangYour stang with a fork liftYour stang with real banana's in the tail pipesYOUR STANG with A LAWNMOWER (EITHER A RIDING MOWER OR A PUSH-MOWER)Your car with soldiers around it (minimum 5 soldiers... as in real people)Your stang in front of a SonicYour car infront of McDonaldsYour stang going front bumper to front bumper with a police cruiser (Facing each other)A pic of your stang in the reflection of another stangs paint/window tint.YOUR STANG WITH A FIRE ENGINE with ITYour stang near a traffic light that is yellow. (It MUST be a light that changes, not the blinking yellow ones)Your stang in a car wash (hand wash or drive-thru)Your stang with a cartoon characterYour stang in the lawn in front of your house (must see the house and all 4 wheels must be touching grass)Your stang in front of an adult toy (sex) shop!Your stang with the shopping cart guy (The guy that collects the carts in the parking lot. (Must have a cart with him) (Must know he is being photographed)Your car on a dynoYour car near WAL-MARTYour stang on a golf course (Hole flag in sight)Your stang with trunk, hood, and both doors open.
Your stang in front of a bowling alleyYour stang with a skateborder (A person with/on a skateboard)YOUR STANG with A GOLF CARTYour stang with 2 wheels in the driveway and 2 wheels in the street. (halfway up the curb)The mail man/women posing with your stangYour stang at a fireworks standYour stang at a hospitalYour stang in front of the public libraryYOUR STANG with AN ICE CREAM TRUCK (THE ONES THAT THE KIDS CHASE LOL)Your stang beside an armored money truckYour car with a FORD farm tractorA theatric love scene (not graphic, but sweet) in front of your stangYou, your signifigant other, and your stang togetherYOU with YOUR STANGYour stang with the sunsetYour stang infront of an American FlagYou kissing your stang. (lips must be touching paint)YOUR STANG PARKED with A HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLE.YOUR STANG with AN AMBULANCEYour stang infront of Radio Shack
PICTURE OF YOUR STANG with A REAL PONY(HORSE)Your car beside a motor homeYOUR STANG with HIDEOUS RICE...Your stang with mountains in the backgroundYour Stang at a high schoolYour stang at a police stationYour car with a cement truckYOUR STANG with A FORD GTYour stang besides a garbage truck10 Mustangs in one placeYour stang with real, alive cows.Your Stang with a taxiYour stang with a National Monument in PictureYour car in front of a waterfallYour car in front of a barnYour stang in front of a playground (swings/slides/monkeybars..etc)Your stang at a funeral homeYour car on a bridgeYour stang by old/restored gas pumpsYour car in a fast-food drive through (Must get out of the car to take the picture)
Your stang with a Hooters girl ( or a girl in a hooters shirt )Your stang in front of your CollegeYour car in front of a professional Sports Complex(EX.  Gillette Stadium-Home of the World Champion Patriots)YOUR CAR with A FERRARI OR LAMBO
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