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June 12, 1976 (43)
About FierceRage
Brownsville TX United States
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Car Rank:
GS Rank 55029550295502955029550295502955029550295502955029550295502955029
Car Color:
Car Year:
Win against Laguna Seca RWin against topnotchWin against HmongstangWin against 01GTTypeLoss against 02BlackGTWin against _eazy_Win against RoushbabeLoss against blown93featureWin against 02 GT ChickWin against JRickyWin against 40thgtWin against Loss against MystiCobraWin against viciousxstangWin against Evil InsideWin against Loss against RugerWin against intermisionWin against Win against fiveiron
Win against Nuclear BananaWin against Babiblues75Loss against ComputerGuyWin against Goldmustang2000Win against trey3.8Loss against storm7127Loss against White StangLoss against longrodlxLoss against DSTRBD99Loss against 85stangLoss against DRAGPAKLoss against 04comporange3.9Win against DSTRBD99Win against wldponi03Win against Stang GurlWin against longrodlxWin against ITLRUNWin against THE_GRABBERWin against Loss against coreyjo
Win against coreyjoWin against Cobra94Win against onebad95Win against blown93featureWin against usaf
Hunt Claims:
Your stang in front of a Sonic2 GotStang Members Car's togetherYour stang with your other carYour car covered with snowYour Pet with your StangYour stang at a gas station filling up with gas (must have gas hose in your gas tank)Bird shit on your stangYour stang in a paradeYour stang at a police stationYour stang besides a garbage truckYour stang in front of Best BuyYour stang in front of K-MartYOUR STANG with A FEDEX TRUCKYOUR STANG with A UPS TRUCKYour stang at KFCYour stang at Pep BoysYour car in front of Burger KingYour car infront of Wendy'sYour car surrounded by shopping carts (at least 5 carts)Your car parked in a handicap spot
Your Stang Disasembled.  In as many pieces as possible....Picture of yourself humping your car's exhaust tipA picture of your stangs headersYour stang by old/restored gas pumpsYour stang in a traffic jamYour stang in a car wash (hand wash or drive-thru)Your stang beside a boatPICTURE OF YOUR STANG with A REAL PONY(HORSE)YOUR STANG with ROAD KILL / A DEAD ANIMALYOUR STANG with HIDEOUS RICE...Your stang in front of the local newspaperYour car doing a burn outYour car in front of a barnYour stang in front of your CollegeYour stang with wax on it (applied)Your stang in a mirrorPolice with guns drawn on your stangYour stang with you leaning on the hood and a cop hand cuffing youYour mustang on the freewayYour car beside a motor home
Your stang being washed by a girl in a bikiniYour reflection in the paint of your stang!Your car infront of HootersYOUR STANG with A BEER TRUCKYOUR STANG with A TRAINA girl on / infront of / in your car in a got stang? shirtYour stang in a car showA girl on / infront of / in your carYour stang from above (from a ladder or second floor or higher)YOU with YOUR STANGYour stang beside an airplaneYour car on a bridgeThe undercarriage of your stangYOUR STANG with A SCHOOL BUSYour stang with a cartoon characterYour stang with a box of cereal on itYou, your signifigant other, and your stang togetherYour stang with 2 wheels in the driveway and 2 wheels in the street. (halfway up the curb)Your stang in front of a playground (swings/slides/monkeybars..etc)10 Mustangs in one place
Your stang near a water towerA picture with your car with open lambo doorsYour car up on a lift (at a service shop or something)Your stang with a different generation stang (check the car show classes for generation years)Your stang in the rainYour stang with the sunsetA celebrity posing with your carYour stang infront of an American FlagYOUR STANG with A LAWNMOWER (EITHER A RIDING MOWER OR A PUSH-MOWER)Your stang in front of a palm treeYOUR STANG with A FORD GTYour Stang with Trophy from Car ShowYour stang with trick-or-treaters!Your Stang in Primer
Best got stang? Website - 1105 Best got stang? Website - 1205 Best Engine - 1205 Best got stang? Website - 0106 Best GT - 0106 Best GT - 0206 Best Red Colored - 0206 Best GT - 0306 Best got stang? Website - 0406
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Texas Stangs
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